Certified Kubernetes Application Developer — Preparation Tips


  1. The most important thing is to live and breathe YAML syntax. It is the de-facto language for Kubernetes and understanding the nuances will help you go a long distance for the overall preparation. A ton of resources are available online and my favorite pick is the one from tutorialspoint.com
  1. The best and most economical course out there to help you for CKAD is the one from Mumshad Mannambeth available at Udemy. He explains the concepts very well and also comes with practice tests. A word of caution here about practice tests — the ones given are easy and hence you might want to rely on some external sample questions.
  1. CKAD is a hands-on exam and you need to know your shit right — PRACTICE. Bring up a minikube cluster setup on your system by following pretty straight forward installation instructions. You could also rely on GKE (GCP), EKS (AWS) or AKS (Azure) if you’re rich



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Runcy Oommen


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